A RedKite User-Designed Website

Is there a formula to making websites?.. In my opinion, there is a production back-line like in every other industry, but thats it!.. there are ways to manufacture Ideas, but the most important and hardest part, starts with Imagination .

There is more what happens in the ‘behind-the-scenes” at RedKite Internet Marketing and Web Designs Philippines.  I want to share why I know RedKite Websites are artistic, scalable and most of all,  “User-Designed”  – A phrase I am working on, since we make websites, as we see how the end-users, would use them.

Any Successful Website Starts With Imagination

I like to make websites using plain “child-like” imagination. I imagine going through a website from two points of view i.e.

  • I think of how the website experience would be from the homepage going forwards and back.
  • I think of how this website experience would be from other landing pages (this is important especially for SEO since most visitors drop into a landing page other than the homepage. They maybe category pages or they may just be smaller blog pages or sub-service pages.)

After I get the feel of the navigation, I look for conversion points. Conversion points are those smaller pieces of content that drives a visitor to opt-in or to engage them to inquire about a product/service.  These pieces of content are generally customer reviews, testimonials and results.

Then, I think of how I am going to successfully get them to contact us, what information they need to supply us and how I will sort them into the database for future emailing.

At this point I am pretty sure of how people will use the website, I usually then proceed to thinking of an interface that can make sense of how quickly one can get to the most important data quickly. I want the experience to be engaging, impressive and most of all, intuitive.

After that, I am off to social media. I want to present us well in our social media. I want the social media accounts to be active with relevant social information. I want to see how I can get them to understand the purpose of what the site is all about, the people, the achievements.

From The Mind to The Wireframe

It is now time to turn this dream of a website and put it into a visible blueprint. This is the point where the Sitemap and wireframes of the site is then produced.  The sitemap and the blueprint, allows me to communicate the vision of the website into smaller chapters.  It also allows for the SEO team to see any glitches in the structure of the website and if it will make sense for Search Engines to correctly index and categorize the website.

The Wireframe To Photoshop

The Wireframe is then brought to life using Photoshop. This is the mock up process where the actual look of the site is developed. From menu bars, columns, text position and buttons, laying out a website visually is the most interesting phase of the entire designing process. At this point, the website is still hypothetical, a digital representation of a website, but still this needs to be sliced into something the internet and browsers can read.

Photoshop To HTML/CSS/PHP

The layouts are then sent over to the web team. They find ways on how to cut, slice and code the visual representation into something that computers and browsers can read and interpret using web code.

Code Back To Graphics

Once the site is coded, graphics check for accuracy of the Code. There should be no difference, “A” should be equal to “B”. The fonts, colors and images should match the photoshop design. If it is identical, it is sent backwards to SEO and Sitemap for a final check on SEO health.

Approval Of The Website

Is the website congruent with the vision? Is this website that was imagined, now existing in reality? Is it as close as possible to the concept?

If it is, it is good for a RedKite launch!

Remember, We Want You to Outsource Your Web Designs To Us, For a Reason (not just because its cheaper), but we don’t what you to take our word for it, we want you to call USA (516-874-4777) or Philippines ( 0063-46-416-2483),( 0063-928-980-9277),  and we want you to have a serious business discussion with us. We want to tell you why RedKite Web Designs can make a difference in your business.


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