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How Do Businesses Use Social Media Successfully?

Hi! – This is Marky. Today I am here to help you understand,

  1. How you can setup your own business social media by looking at how others have set them up successfully.
  2. Then we will look further into what options you have for social media participation.

We will conclude in the end of this blog, that the three important considerations before doing any social media then would be,

  1. To use Social Media to Brand your business above anything else
  2. To use social sites effectively (Different sites will need different content or posts)
  3. To know what posts appeal to the humans on the other side of the screen.

Social media goes beyond just Facebook and Twitter. There are many niche sites that cater to specific industries.  Then, there are other social sites that perform different functions. Before we discuss how business use social media “successfully”, let us understand first how businesses these days actually use social media. Let`s look at the business social media landscape today.

Social Media as a Direct Sales Tool

Usually found in E-Commerce websites that involve direct retail, Social media can be an amazing sales tool. Providing discounts, early bird offers and the like. Found mostly in B2C businesses. The rule here is that you need to know how to manage your posts. If everything is promotional and you are not able to analyse data, you may do more harm than good.

ecommerce facebook

E-Commerce FB campaign has low interactivity due to over-posting and non-human approach

Social Media used for Company Branding

Most companies use Social Media to brand themselves better. This is the most practical way to actually do social media. B2B, B2C and also famous personas use social media for this purpose. The message and branding is communicated well keeping the community in mind. This kind of social media campaign focuses on the brand but appeals to humans on a deeper human-human connection. This kind of a social media campaign usually includes doing reputation management and customer service as part of their branding agenda.

Appealing Business 2 Business FB Post

Appealing Business 2 Business  Post by Cisco – More Interactivity than E-commerce website above.

Some just want to “Jump On the Bandwagon” 

Some companies just use social media, because they feel if they do not, their company may not seem human. They simply make up accounts, put a few posts and leave them to wither and dry. This makes these companies look dry, less fierce, passive and non-competitive. A Bad Idea!

Some do it for SEO

Many businesses have seen the co-relation of social media and its benefits for SEO and so they use them more as a tactical SEO tool more than anything else. They use social media to gain the favor of Google-bots and are not really focused on their social circles. A bad idea as 40% of consumers check Social Media websites and prefer to work with those who communicate better.

Social media for personal branding

Some social media is targeted towards niche markets, like law, fitness, medicine and real estate. Many experts participate in these kinds of social media to get better ratings and/or direct business referrals.

Amazing Results w/Personal Branding

Amazing Results w/Personal Branding – sample Shaun T. Fitness Guru

Summarizing the different ways businesses use Social Media

If you have a business and you have decided to start a Social Media Campaign, looking at the samples above, you will first need to know your Goals of the campaign. What is it you want from social media? Are your social media goals realistic and practical? Clearly looking at the above samples of Cisco and Shaun T., we clearly see the superiority of their campaigns. Their social media campaigns are superior since they

  • Have better interaction with their audience
  • Focus on the Human in their social media circle
  • Subliminally are still able to get their business goals fulfilled successfully

Since we know now, “How” businesses use social media and what appeals to their social media audience – let`s tweak other factors of social media that can make or break your campaign.

Social Media Websites – What’s best for you?

Facebook & YouTube

Good for B2B (business to Business — sample of Cisco above) and B2C kinds of business (B2C – sample Shaun T. and the E-Commerce / Retail site above)


Especially perfect for Personal Branding. CEOs of big companies now use Twitter to endorse their personal names behind brands. Ex.. Tim Cook / CEO Apple.  ScreenHunter_1956 Feb. 27 11.56 ScreenHunter_1957 Feb. 27 11.56


Great for B2B referrals, peer reviews and endorsements and recruiting. ScreenHunter_1958 Feb. 27 12.03

Zillow, Trulia, ActiveRain, Bigger Pockets

Niche sites for Real Estate professionals to connect, recruit and to build their online reputation. ScreenHunter_1960 Feb. 27 12.12

Avvo, Justia,

Niche sites for lawyers to build reputation, peer to peer ratings, customer reviews and more.. ScreenHunter_1961 Feb. 27 12.15

HealthGrades, ZocDoc, Vitals

Doctor Reviews, profiles, reputation and more

ScreenHunter_1962 Feb. 27 12.17

Yelp, Google Places and G+

General Business review Social website. ScreenHunter_1963 Feb. 27 12.18

The best advice I can give you is to follow a logical thought pattern. After that, try experimenting which can be very fun and there are still many ways to innovate how one can use Social Media. The benefits are rewarding,  as the loyalty you can get with Social Media is extensive. You can always call us USA:516-874-4777 or Philippines:046-416-2483 and learn how we can help you Market Your Business in the Internet.


ScreenHunter_1964 Feb. 27 15.39


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