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7 Advantages in Customizing MLS IDX For Real Estate Websites

In real estate websites, the MLS (Multiple Listings System) is the holy grail of information of homes available within the jurisdiction of the MLS provider. They contain updated information of all homes for sale, the information is precise and comprehensive.

Usually the MLS database consists of property

  • images
  • specifications
  • amenities
  • HOA information
  • prior sales records
  • current market status

and more. Here are other common functions of a real estate website.

This is a huge pool of information to tap into and there are two ways you can go about it.

Your web developer can pull this feed via IDX (Internet Data Exchange) protocol into your real estate website using the

  • Standard IDX also called the Matrix Tool by some MLS providers, usually provided by themselves, is more of a “plug and play” that embeds the feeds into the website.
  • Custom IDX (your own design specific pull from the MLS)

But here are 7 reasons why you should opt to use the MLS more towards your advantage through customization.

Advantage #1:  Branding

The best way to describe branding is this feeling we get, like an “aftertaste” we feel after having met someone, having worked with someone or by simply entering a store. Logos, color schematics and slogans are a part of branding but it is only superficial.

Logos, colors and slogans are “one-sided” i.e. it is a one way communication from the business. The bigger chunk of branding lies in how you handle yourself, how someone conducts themselves and their enthusiasm towards their profession and especially how customers perceives them. Its about their “aftertaste” of having been to a website.

When you customize your MLS, you are saying, “I am different” and “I care” about how I want to represent myself.  This is a powerful message you will be sending to your website visitors subliminally.

Advantage #2: SEO

Most standard IDX involves using Javascript which only embeds the information into your site. By using custom IDX, you can pull the feeds onto your own server and display them how you want. You can set them up as unique pages which is a marvel for SEO. However, you need to attempt to make these pages as unique as possible through Meta-data and descriptions.

Imagine ranking for property keywords or address searches in Google.  You can do this by customizing your IDX.

Advantage #3:  Social Media

Now, that you actually have a digital page on your website for each property, you then have the chance of using social media to share these homes. Using Standard IDX, this is not possible as the homes are actually digitally not present on your website.

Advantages #4: Sharing URLS / Refer Property functions

Once again, since you have a page per property, people can share/refer your property to others.

Advantages #5: Display preferences

Through Customization, you now have control on how you want to display your property pages, you can stack them differently, use the fonts of your choice and remove areas that are not necessary. You can add more information and brand them to look consistent.

Advantage #6: Mobile

In April 2015, Google already started to implement better rankings for websites that are mobile ready either through a .mobi or responsive websites.

By customizing the MLS, you can configure them to work on all mobiles for better interaction. Read Google Algorithm Update for Mobile Websites April 2015.

Advantage #7: Portal Functions

There are better ways to convert once someone signs up to see more information or saves a property while searching. Customized IDX for MLS also allows you to make your portal seem more fluid and interactive by applying creative conversion-driven functions that you can track using Google analytics.

Internet marketing in Real Estate is about information, take MLS information to a whole new level by having a custom IDX. It makes your website look superior and very modern. View Modern Real Estate Websites.


One thought on “7 Advantages in Customizing MLS IDX For Real Estate Websites

  1. Hello, I am intereted in any real estate sites (ready to go boxed site type sites) We are a web company looking to partner with a development company that already has a template/cms solution.
    Do you have any sample sites I can demo and do a walk through? Please advise. Thanks,


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