Why do people love TikTok?

With over 600 million users monthly (and still growing), TikTok has become one of the most used social media apps out there. In light of its increasing popularity, we want to know the reasons behind why so many people, especially the younger generation, spend hours on it every single day, and how it can help you with your content marketing methods.

The TikTok Algorithm and “For You” Page

This is the biggest reason as to why people of all ages are still hooked to this app is because of the unique discovery feed also known as the “For You” page or FYP. This is how people find new content and it is backed up by an algorithm that uses an AI to populate the user’s FYP.

This AI learns to determine your interests by tracking which kinds of videos you usually interact with. One example is, if you like or share a video about gardening, then you will see more of it in your FYP. The AI also suggests similar videos that are in close relation to the ones you usually like.

TikTok Trends

Another reason behind the app’s popularity is the occurrence of trends. These trends include dance challenges, or videos that make use of popular filters that can be found in the app. The algorithm also features these in your FYP because trends tend to gain more engagement and more users will be more than likely to participate and create videos that align with those trends.

TikTok Communities

TikTok has become home to hundreds of groups sharing the same interest. These are collectively known as “TikTok Communities” each having their own similar videos, audios, and hashtags.

The variety of discussions and topics are based on how big the userbase is, in terms of the content creators and viewers. If you’re interested in expanding your digital marketing portfolio, these topics on TikTok may be worth looking into.


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