Professional Webmasters – Functions and Costs

Hi! Today, I would like to discuss the FAQs (Frequently asked questions) regarding

1) What webmasters do?

2) How they can help your business and

3) What they cost?

In general, webmasters are champions in understanding and analysing websites. While they are generally not web-coders or developers, they have a solid understanding of how the WWW (world-wide web) works.

Q1 – What do Webmasters do?


By Using Google Webmaster Tools, webmasters are able to communicate with Google-Bots efficiently. Google-Bot is the name of the crawler made by Google, they read websites. This is how they index websites into their database and through the application of their algorithm (PageRank), they are able to rank websites for specific keywords.

This function is fundamental for any SEO. The tools included in Webmaster Tools are:

  • Search Appearance

Tells you how your website is structured, if there are HTML improvements possible for better crawls and more.

  • Search Traffic

This portion shows how the website is linked internally and from external sources. It also shows how often the website had impressions and clicks.

  • Google Index

This tool is extremely useful and it allows the webmaster to check if the website is indexed correctly and if there are any reasons why the site isn’t being correctly indexed.

  • Crawl

This is vital for any SEO. This section demonstrates any warning or issues with crawls. It allows webmasters to do a quick “Fetch as Google”. This is also the place where the robots.txt file and sitemaps of the website are handled.

  • Robots.txt file is a command file that Google-bot reads before a crawl so it is aware of what pages to crawl and what not to crawl. Private pages and pages with sensitive information can be blocked by this file.
  • Sitemaps are the blueprint of how the webpages are structured. Though sitemaps, Google crawls can be made more efficient.
Inside Google WebMaster Tools

Inside Google WebMaster Tools


Webmasters are proficient in handling a wide variety of CRM and CMS.

CRM (Customer Relation Manager) is that part of the website where contacts, leads, sales and messages are stored. This is that part where billing and contact information can be stored and made use of accordingly. Some popular CRMs that you may already know are Salesforce and Zoho. In the Real Estate Industry, specialized CRMs like Top Producer and Property Base are very popular. CRMs can also be highly customized i.e. Webaflex (The Official CMS of RedKite, that is uniquely made to suit any business)

SalesForce - Popular CRM

SalesForce – Popular CRM

CMS (Content Management System) is that part of the website that allows content to be fed into the website. Website blogs, images, video, pages and other content in a website can be managed using the CMS. Some popular website frameworks that you may be knowledgeable about, have their own CMS like in WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Others like Magento and Shopify are exclusive for Ecommerce websites. The CMS at RedKite — Webaflex, is custom made per client using a WYSIWIG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) interface with Drag and Drop functions.

WordPress - Popular CMS

WordPress – Popular CMS


Google Analytics

Google Analytics

It is through Google analytics, that webmasters are able to analyse visitor data. Here are some data that can be analysed via Google Analytics

  • Visitor Location

Are you getting traffic from the correct Geo-locations?

  • Visitor Behaviour

Are the website visitors dropping off or navigating the website erratically?

  • Traffic Sources

Where are you getting all of your traffic from?

  • Conversion Data

Are people converting, filling forms and registering?

  • Landing and Exit Pages

What are my strong pages and my weak pages in the website?

  • Bounce Rates and Time Spent

Are visitors going back to where they came from after they visit my site? If so how many? How much time are they spending on my website?


Webmaster can be of general SEO help especially in looking at link maintenance and removals. Some good links can be lost over time. Webmasters can look at what links have high quality and monitor them for you. They can also remove unwanted links using the Disavow Tool in Google Webmaster Tools, which could be weighing your SEO progress. While this is more of a Job Description for a link builder, webmasters can be more analytical about link management for SEO.

Link Removal Bliss

Link Removal Bliss


Webmasters can help monitor your reputation and alert you if there are any negative comments, reviews or slander against your business online.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management


A very important duty of a webmaster is to assist in the configuration of email and servers. While web developers have knowledge in server-side assistance, webmasters have more in-depth knowledge about web-info technology.

They can setup email servers, database servers and web-servers. They are also able to remove viruses and other unwanted elements in servers.

Email/Server  Maintenance and Configuration

Email/Server Maintenance and Configuration

Q2) How can webmasters help your business?

Companies and businesses do not always have a webmaster position. While IT departments can handle a lot of the technical side of things, they cannot analyse and interpret data from a marketing point of view.

The webmasters work is clear. They are there to sort issues, troubleshoot problems and keep websites functioning for maximum performance. They know how important websites are for business and so they do their part. While they are not an active part of the marketing, their functions can help SEO. The webmaster is like a “Jack” of the internet. He is the “GO-TO” person when problems arise in a website.

Not all server and email providers have excellent customer service, sometimes it can take days to fix issues back and forth with the provider`s customer service teams. Having a webmaster means that you do not need to worry about your website going down or working inefficiently. This means that your single most important way of making business i.e. your website is in good hands.

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Q3) How much do Webmasters Cost?

Hiring Webmasters can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. It all depends upon the experience and the skills of the webmaster.At RedKite, we have found a way to make having a webmaster a reality for you at your preferred rate. Build Your Own Preferred Webmaster Package

I hope I have been able to explain these well.

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